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    X-Cell-R8: Increase Your Energy Like Never Before

    Before the development of the X-Cell-R8® preparation, Dr. Henri Laborit first discovered that the salt form of the minerals magnesium and potassium, combined with the non-essential amino acid aspartic acid, possessed anti-fatigue properties. During theearly 1960's Dr. Laborit published his results in French medical journals. Continued research through the1980's both confirmed and refuted the work of Dr. Laborit. The research that found no increase in endurance in humans led to the belief that the product was essentially ineffective and not worth marketing.

    Further analysis of the published papers Indicated that the method of administration was the critical factor: when the salt form of the potassium-magnesium aspartate (prepared by Dr. Laborit) was administered by injection, performance improved. However, administration of the chemical by mouth did not lead to increases in performance.

    The culmination of the research about the chemical occurred who Dr. Zebulon Kendrick of Temple University in Philadelphia showed that injection led to an increase in swim time for rats of 90%, but when given orally, no matter what the dose, the salt form failed to improve performance. This research made it clear that oral administration led to an inactivation of the chemical.

    New Invention

    Potassium and Magnesium Aspartate could be a revolutionary product which would help athletes and non-athletes pursue their daily activities by providing increased levels of these important nutrients. However, because of inactivation of the chemical by the low pH in the stomach, the only available form for giving the product to people is by injection. This is simply impossible to do.

    Dr. Gregory Ellis PhD, CNS had been working with other scientists to solve this problem. From his research, he theorized that the low pH in the stomach caused by the highly acidic digestive enzymes led to a breakdown of the chemical and caused the two minerals to "dissociate" or separate from the aspaptic acid. Research had shown that it is the complete molecule, not just the minerals and amino acid in isolation, that led to increased cellular levels. Clearly, the stomach acids caused the breakdown and inactivation.

    The new process developed by the scientists chelated the minerals to the amino acid and caused the molecules to form an extremely stable chemical bond. Salts such as in the Laborit formulation, have very weak chemical bonds that dissociate or breakdown in acids similar to those found in the stomach.

    The fact that the new process created a very strong chemical bond led to Dr. Ellis's discovery of the most powerful delivery system to the body's cells for the all important minerals magnesium end potassium aspartate.

    Testing and Research

    Dr. Ellis prepared a test sample of chelated magnesium-potassium aspartate. It was his theory that the strong chemical bond created by the process would resist the action of stomach acids and that the molecule would be absorbed intact into the bloodstream. The results of the tests were startling.

    Dr. Ellis, along with other research scientists, tested the chelate against the salt form by subjecting each chemical to a highly accurate technique called Thin Layer Chromatography. In this test, they put the chemical in an acid medium similar to the human stomach. Here, they could test the stability of the chemical and determine how much of the mineral dissociates from the aspartic acid.

    The results surprised the scientists: the salt form broke down completely while the chelate remained stable greater than 95%! The theory was correct. They now had a chemical, that when given orally, acted as if it had been injected. The next step was to confirm that oral administration improved performance similar to injection. The results confirmed the hypothesis. Animals improved swim time performance by close to 100%. This was even more effective than when the salt form was injected. Dr. Ellis also believes that, even in the blood stream, additional degeneration of the salt form occurs, leading to a less effective action on muscle endurance compared with the chelated product

    Power-up With X-Cell-R8®

    Everyone would like to feel great and be full of energy. Whether training for the triathlon, pursuing a promising career, or running a busy household... good health, vitality, and stamina are important for success.

    Unfortunately, for many people, chronic tiredness is a big problem. Until now, there was very little that medical science could offer as a remedy. Sure, there are temporary fixes like caffeine and other drugs. But these have may have unpleasant side effects that actually harm your health rather than improve it.

    Potassium and Magnesium Aspartate

    These nutrients are scientifically proven to increase nutrient absorption where they can quickly travel into your body's cells to do their job.


    Just think how excited you'll be when you break your personal record top the 10K run, come out ahead in the next triathlon meet, or have the push to pump out 5 extra reps on the bench press.

    Working Mothers:

    You'll be able to come home from a hard day at work, do the shopping, cook the meals, handle the kids and still feel like doing the one-hour workout you know you need.

    Busy Executives:

    Become the executive who is more productive, manages stress with ease, and can enjoy the family that night at home

    Active Grandparents:

    No more worrying whether or not you will be able to keep up with the grandchildren when they come to spend the weekend. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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