About Dr. Ellis

About Dr. Ellis

My passion for health and well-being flowered at an early age. As a boy, I became fascinated with muscles. My father, a former all-star athlete, fueled my interest by purchasing a set of Whitley muscle-building springs that I used to strength train. The set came with an instruction book that also included several pages in which one could record his measurements. So, I have a record of my height, weight, and measurements, first recorded when I was nine years old.

At the age of twelve, my parents divorced, and during the subsequent few months I gained 60 pounds, turning into an obese butterball. Simultaneously, I became plagued with a multitude of health problems, including high blood pressure and skin diseases.

My savior was my early fascination with muscle building that had led to regular reading and study of the physical culture magazines of the day (late 1950ís). These publications were not like the ones of today in that they were structured around a holistic concept of health, including fitness, nutrition, right thinking, and personal responsibility. A strong anti-modern medicine bias was also part of the physical culture movement and its underlying philosophy.

I began to experiment with many of the recommended regimens and was soon able to reduce my over-fat condition, replacing fat with muscle.

In high school I participated in athletics, achieving national honors in football and in track and field as a shot putter. My success in football earned me a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

My passion for the physical culture movement and its ideas continued to burn throughout these years. After college, I journeyed to California to workout at the famed Muscle Beach, part of the California city of Venice Beach. Arnold Schwarzenegger had just arrived from Austria to train at this legendary venue. Other body building greats also hefted iron at this mecca of muscle building. It was during this time, however, that the emphasis shifted away from the former holistic ideals of physical culture to the more isolated idea of muscle building, pure and simple.

This time (early 1970ís) was also the era that spawned aerobics, health awareness, and vegetarianism. I was a exclusive convert to all three. In 1972, I opened one of the first exclusive Nautilus exercise centers in the country. I was at the forefront of the fitness revolution spreading across America. By the mid 1980ís, I had put more than 10,000 people through workouts and diet programs.

I began my formal graduate level academic training in 1975, enrolling in the Physiology Department at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. My early interest in the physical culture movement continued to flourish, and I experimented with all forms of dieting, exercise, and nutritional supplementation while pursuing my academic degrees. For three years during the mid 1970ís, I was a devout vegetarian, experimenting also with extensive periods of fasting.

I received my Master of Science degree in 1980, with a special area of research in exercise physiology. I continued to expand my gym business during these years, juggling my fitness club business obligations with my continued study and research for the Ph.D. degree.

In 1986 I became deaf in my left ear and was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumor that had grown onto my hearing nerve and was, by that time, pushing against my brain.

By this time I had been studying alternative medicine for many years and made the decision to resolve this problem outside mainstream medicine. The only procedure available to modern medicine was the surgical removal of the tumor with the potential of serious side effects, including paralysis of my facial nerve and its associated loss of function in the left side of my face.

Most disturbing of all was the question as to how this condition developed in the first place. I had done everything just right all my life: exercise, nutrition, and nutritional supplements. It hadnít been enough. That realization led me to an even deeper and broader exploration of health. I tried some of the most far-out therapies imaginable, literally traveling around the world to visit with different healers.

After a two-year journey, I was worn out, broke, and exhausted. It was at this point that I realized homeopathy should be my primary focus as I realized that it provided the most powerful opportunity to excise the underlying cause of a tumorís growth.

I could, then, get on with my life: I completed my Ph.D. requirements, defended my dissertation, and received the degree in 1990, continuing to work in the area of fitness and diet/nutrition during these years. It was an exciting time as I was constantly juxtaposing what I learned in my strictly-structured academic studies with what I learned from the so-called alternative healing systems.

During the mid to late 1980ís, I developed and designed exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, and evaluation tools to assess body fat levels and to measure calorie burn for weight control. (Both tools are available on this site: you can measure your body fat percent on-line, and by wearing the Caltrac, you can measure your daily calorie burn).

I also continued to own and operate fitness centers. By the early 1990ís my tumor was not growing, and I was free of all symptoms except the hearing loss. By this time, I had completed a thorough study of homeopathy and alternative medicine. It was then that I decided to shift careers from one built around fitness, nutrition, and weight control to one built around homeopathy and its effect on health improvement.

This next stage of my journey led me to an understanding of the effects of environmental pollution, including a deeper understanding of the negative effects of pharmaceutical medicine. Obviously, awareness of those dangers had already been kindled in me as a youngster through my study of the physical culture movement. Further study in these areas led to a deeper understanding of the multi-dimensional anatomy. When I did my anatomy work in graduate school there had been no discussion of the human structureís energy fields.

If you read the Targeted Body Systems Program Model, you will understand where my 43-year study has led.

Currently, I live in the Philadelphia area with my wife and two children. I work as a nutritional consultant helping people to improve their health using the methods I have developed from my unique and long experience as a health expert. My tumor has not grown in fifteen years, and as long as it just stays put, things will be OK (although I am still working on shrinking it).

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