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Dr. Gregory Ellisís X-Cell-R8

Energy Nutritional Supplement


 In the dynamic world of the $4 billion nutritional supplement industry outrageous claims for nutritional superiority and improvements in health are the norm. It is rare that any product can match the claims that manufacturers shout. This is clear to the Food and Drug Administration which has resulted in recently enacted laws in an attempt to cut down on fallacious claims.

 It is rarer still that any manufacturer subjects their products to rigorous scientific evaluation. However, I am introducing a product that will meet the claims I make with back-up by scientific studies. This product has increased the endurance time for laboratory animals by 100-250%! The application of this product to sports performance and energy enhancement for daily living for those not involved in athletic competition is beyond anything ever produced by a nutritional supplement.

 Why? Because there is no product on the market, nor has there ever been a product on the market, that has been proven scientifically to increase athletic endurance and provide more energy for non-athletes.

 I am introducing Chelated Magnesium and Potassium Aspartate. In association with a leading scientist in nutritional biochemistry, I created, developed, and completed detailed research on this special preparation during the years 1990 through 1997.


 Before the development of my preparation, Dr. Henri Laborit first discovered that the salt form of the minerals magnesium and potassium, combined with the non-essential amino acid aspartic acid, possessed anti-fatigue properties. During the early 1960ís, Dr. Laborit published his results in French medical journals. Continued research through the 1980ís both confirmed and refuted the work of Dr. Laborit.

 The papers that found no increase in endurance in humans led to the belief that the product was essentially ineffective and not worth marketing. Further analysis of the published papers indicated that the method of administration was the critical factor: when the salt form of the potassium-magnesium aspartate (prepared by Dr. Laborit) was administered by injection, performance improved.

 However, when the chemical was administered orally, performance did not improve. The culmination of the research about this chemical occurred when Dr. Zebulon Kendrick of Temple University in Philadelphia showed that injection led to an increase in swim time for rats of 90%, but when it was given orally, no matter what the dose, the salt form failed to improve performance. This research made it clear that oral administration led to an inactivation of the chemical.

New Invention

 Magnesium-potassium aspartate could be a revolutionary product which would improve an athleteís performance and increase peopleís energy to pursue their daily activities. However, due to inactivation of the chemical by the low pH of the stomach, the only available form for giving the product to people is by injection. This is simply impossible to do.

 Previous to my discovery, I had been working on several problems related to human nutrition and performance. From my research, I theorized that the low pH in the stomach caused by the highly acidic digestive enzymes led to a breakdown of the chemical and caused the two minerals to "dissociate" or separate from the aspartic acid. Research had shown that it is the complete molecule, not just the minerals and amino acid in isolation, that led to enhanced energy. Clearly, the stomach acids caused the breakdown and inactivation.

 The process of mineral chelation to amino acids causes the molecules to form an extremely stable chemical bond. Salts, such as in the Laborit formulation, have very weak chemical bonds that dissociate or break down in acids similar to those found in the stomach.

 The nutritional biochemist I had found developed specialized mineral binding techniques. He acquired his knowledge of chelation methodology from over 35 years of study of the basic science of chelation. An understanding of the strength of these chemical bonds led to my discovery of one of the most powerful energy increasing supplements ever developed.

Testing and Research

 I prepared a test sample of the chelated magnesium-potassium aspartate. It was my theory that the strong chemical bond created by the chelation process would resist the action of stomach acids and that the molecule would be absorbed intact into the bloodstream. The results of the tests were startling.

 Dr. Orien Tulp of Drexel University and I tested the chelate against the salt form by subjecting each chemical to thin layer chromatography. In this test, we put the chemical in an acid medium similar to the human stomach.

Using this model, we could test the stability of the chemical and determine how much of the mineral dissociates from the aspartic acid.

 The results even surprised us: the salt form broke down completely while the chelate remained stable greater than 95%! The theory was correct. I now had a chemical, that when given orally, acted as if it had been injected.

 The next step was to confirm that oral administration improved performance similar to injection. The results confirmed the hypothesis. Animals improved swim time performance by close to 100%. This was even more effective than when the salt form was injected. I also believe that, even in the blood stream, additional degeneration of the salt form occurs, leading to a less effective action on muscle endurance compared with the chelated product.

Mechanism of Action

 I think the chelated magnesium-potassium aspartic acid acts in multiple ways to increase energy:

It acts to decrease ammonia which is a by-product of muscle metabolism. Ammonia is a leading cause of fatigue

It enters directly into the Krebs cycle which is the energy producing cycle in the cells of the body

The aspartic acid acts as a carrier for magnesium and brings it directly into the cells across the cell membrane where it acts directly in the cell to produce energy. Ninety percent of the bodyís magnesium is contained within the cell

It acts on nerves to change the electrical activity leading to more responsive nerve actions.


 I now have the scientific backup and research to support the product. I and my colleagues have published 7 scientific abstracts and plan to roll these studies into several full-length peer reviewed scientific articles. These studies will confirm the stability of the chelate and show its anti-fatigue properties when administered orally.

 The potential market is enormous. Everyone wants more energy, but they are conned by marketers hustling two-bit, ineffective products that fail. The result: no repeat sales! There is an opportunity to create a large market through the extensive distribution organization developed by key marketing companies.

Because the product acts quickly and provides the user with an increased sense of energy within 1-3 days, I believe that market penetration will occur rapidly.

 It is important to remember that this is the only true energy increasing product on the market. Its effect is not drug-like and does not lead to mood swings and energy highs and lows. It is unlike caffeine which leads to jitteriness and causes swings in energy. Ma huang (ephedra), a popular herb compound, has potential side effects and is not in a league with X-Cell-R8. It also leads to jitteriness and its actions are short-lived and erractic. Good for a night at the rock studio or an all-night drive (maybe), but not a healthful way to go.


The end product is encapsulated and placed in a jar that will hold 120 capsules: a one month supply. The label is 4-colors with exciting graphics. Product information tags are attached to each jar describing product use telling the user about the X-Cell-R8 Loading Phase.

Product Use

 Take 2 capsules in the morning and again in the late afternoon to early evening: this is a total of 4 capsules daily or 1,000 mg of each substance. You will need to supplement for 3-7 days before you experience the sensational energy increase created by the product. However, some people experience increases during the first or second day.

 Some subjects may find this dose is too much and will need to cut back to two total capsules per day. Athletic subjects may want to experiment with higher doses. We have tried as many as 30 capsules per day with no side effects, but high increases in energy. Other test subjects have reported similar effects.

 Some subjects may need to go through a Loading Phase to saturate the bodyís cells with the energy nutrients: take up to 4-6 capsules both AM and PM for 3-6 days until the effect is noticed.

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