More energy, every day.


Can you really increase your energy? Itís time you found out --- and I donít give a hoot whether you take health supplements or not!

Dr. Gregory Ellis presentsÖ

The very first no-hype revolution in human energy production!

 Hi, Iím Dr. Greg Ellis. You and I have never met, but I already know something personal about you.

 You want more energy. Heck, we all want more energy. And, Iím about to show you how you can get more energy. Just like the energy I have every day, all day.

 Ever hear someone say, "I accomplished too much today." Or how about, "Iím so full of energy and get so much work done that I have an unfair advantage over my co-workers." Heck no. Those words are never uttered.

 In fact, for most people, itís all they can do even to keep awake during the day.

 The truth is, most Americans are begging for more energy. They want to feel good about going to work, about picking up the kids from school, and about the life they lead when the workday ends. They want to have enough energy to still function at a high level in the evening. Work all day and crash after 7:00 PM -- what kind of life is that?

Whatís far better is to have the energy to make a nice meal and then savor it with your loved ones while chatting about how the day went.

 But the reality is, weíre pooped.

We slog through the day, hoping we donít encounter another chore that needs our immediate attention. We eventually eat "something" for dinner while staring comatose-like at "Jeopardy" or the "Wheel of Fortune," struggling to keep our eyelids open. The average "Joe" is in Jeopardy. Thatís unfortunate... and it doesnít have to be that way.

We All Want More Energy. You Do. I Do.

Why Are We So Tired

Lack of exercise. Poor eating. Too much to do. Too many demands. Too much stress. Theyíre some of the reasons. And the truth of the matter is that there isnít too much anyone can do about changing any of these things in our fast-paced, obligation-driven society.

 SoÖ are you stuck on the "lack of energy" treadmill? Well, maybe. But, then again, maybe not! If you act on what Iím about to tell you, you may be able to bounce right off that imprisoning "lack of energy" treadmill.

 Some surveys show that 95% of all Americans want more energy.

 And what industry has used that information to try to make millions? If your answer is the multi-billion dollar nutritional supplement industry, then youíre right on target.

But, Iím going to let you in on some "insider" secrets. And as a nutrition expert, biochemist, and research scientist, I am an insider.

Insider Secret Number One: much of the nutritional supplement industry bases its success on making outrageous and untruthful claims.

The marketers just make things up and say whatever they want so they can get you to buy their products and get into your wallet. Falsehoods abound.

 And, believe it or not, itís easy to get away with it! The FDA and FTC arenít staffed to go after all the liars and frauds. Look at Exercise in a Bottle, the TV infomercial that lied through its teeth. They got tapped for a $15 million fine by the FTC. Whatíd they care? They had revenues of $300 million last year. That fine bothered them like a mosquito on an elephantís rump. They didnít miss a beat.

 The Feds donít even bother with the small companies. And some companies use MDs to tout their products. Iíll tell you what -- if you donít know it already -- physicians have zilch training in nutrition. The marketers are just trying to capitalize on the prestige of the "MD" title.

 And when it comes to "energy" supplements, out come the hucksters on their soap boxes. "More energy!" they shout. But they have no proof in their pudding! Think about it. Why are they shouting? Heck, Iíd be shouting too if I had tons of junk stock-piled in my warehouse and a Board of Directors to suck up to. And Iíd shout too because I know the public is gullible and believes the hype. This way Iíd have a direct line into the publicís wallet.

Many retail nutritional supplements are garbage. I know. Iíve been in this business for more than 30 years. Why are they garbage? Hereís another insider secretÖ

Insider Secret Number Two: manufacturers canít afford to use quality ingredients.

What? Thatís right. They canít afford to use quality ingredients.

Why? Too many hands in the profit pie!

The manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and the retail sales store each skim off a chunk of the profit. This drives the selling price into the ozone layer. Obviously, they wonít get you to spend $100.00 on a jar of pills of excellent quality.

So, to keep the selling price at a somewhat reasonable "market-acceptable" level (determined by spreadsheet analysts), they squeeze down on the ingredients by using less and by using poor-quality ingredients to boot. Itís the oldest shell game in town. They know what to do. And they know you wonít figure it out because they know that everyone is confused about supplements. I even wrote a book about how confused everyone is about nutrition supplements in which I answer every question.

Be careful what you buy!Some really good, reputable companies do exist out there but beware of the hucksters. The contents of the label will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to manufacturers.

A quick personal note on this topic of why manufacturers scrimp on the ingredientsÖ

A few years ago, I was approached by a national supplement wholesaler. They had heard about one of my supplements through the university "grapevine" (because of all my research publications) and wanted to take it national. They sent this slick guy with Gucci loafers to meet me (no offense if you wear Gucci apparel). He sang a song about how his company was going to make me rich. He touted statistics and figures about all the other products they marketed and how good they were at the marketing business. He even offered to fly me to their sprawling corporate offices to wine and dine me. We discussed the costs of manufacturing the product and he said that he would get back to me.

A week later, I got a FedEx letter explaining that the companyís bean counters calculated that they needed to cut the manufacturing cost in half so the retail price would end up at some magic number, probably where their "crystal ball" told them it should be. I faxed them a note explaining that it couldnít be done. The only way they could meet the unrealistic figure was to use low quality ingredients. But, of course, the product wouldnít be my original product then, would it? Their response, "Weíll investigate it."

Well, I knew then that this was the end of it. I was out. Iíd been down that street before.

Mr. Slick and I talked one more time. I explained that theyíd be marketing an entirely new product, but it wouldnít be the one I researched and discovered. He said heíd get back to me within two business days to "work it out." I never heard from him again.

And so I continued selling my product, the "real deal," little by little, to my private practice clients. They, of course, raved about it and told their friends who bought it too.

As luck would have it, itís just as well that Mr. Slick and his cronies took a pass because I can now provide that same formulation -- my proprietary supplement -- directly to you at a reasonable price.

And I donít have to shout my claims. Why?

 Because I know what the heck Iím doing. I did my homework -- over 30 years worth. I discovered what really works. I donít have to make anything up. I simply tell it like it is.

FinallyÖ an Energy Supplement Thatís All Itís Cracked Up to Be

Introducing X-Cell-R8Ö the only, I repeat, only energy supplement that stands proudly atop a mountain of rock-solid science, backing up every claim I make.

 And the FDA approved my claim: "helps to increase energy and endurance." Why did they approve this claim? Because I laid out all the indisputable science proving that X-Cell-R8 increases energy and endurance. They had no choice but to approve it.

Hey, if youíre now thinking, "Iím not interested in taking nutritional supplements," then hold on a minute!

Now, you and I may not see eye to eye on this because I think everyone should take supplements and I can give you a ton of reasons why you should. But, donít think of X-Cell-R8 as a nutritional supplement. It has one purpose -- and one purpose only -- to increase energy. It doesnít supply you with your daily nutrition needs, it only supplies energy.

So, if youíre not a jock or a "health-nut," it doesnít matter, because this product is for everyoneÖ no matter what you do each day. Anybody, doing anything, can always use more energy.

But How About All Those "Energy" Products On the Market?

 This is the biggest lie going. Bee pollen, ginseng, ephedra, just to name a few. All hocus pocus. This stuff doesnít give you more energy. Scientists have studied them all in the lab. They swim rats, they run people on treadmills. And guess what? Endurance or performance times are never any different between those taking the supplement and those not taking it. Thatís a fact. None of them has indisputable science behind it.

How X-Cell-R8 Differs from Any Other Product That "Claims" to Increase Energy

 Now, youíd probably prefer to watch paint dry rather than hear a science lecture from a School of Medicine-trained physiologist and biochemist like myself. So let me break it all down into a few easily digestible chunks thatíll make the point loud and clear (but hey, if you like science, Iíll gladly send you 3 pounds of paperwork to read at your leisure).

 Hereís the skinny on this breakthrough supplement: just a bit, as the details are scattered throughout my web site, particularly in the interview of me by Dr. Al Thomas (click here to read the interview).

 In 1959, a researcher from France painstakingly uncovered the most powerful energy-enhancing nutrition product ever unearthed. He got a patent on it. Originally, it was sold through Wyeth Laboratories, the pharmaceutical giant. It was actually a controlled substance.

 That didnít last for long because it wasnít a drug -- it was a nutrient -- two minerals, magnesium and potassium, and the amino acid, aspartic acid. No danger with these ingredients.

 Researchers all over the world studied this stuff and well over 100 scientific papers were published. But, by the late 1980ís, there was still much confusion about whether the stuff really worked. Sometimes it did, and sometimes it didnít.

 I wondered what the problem was. So, I did an exhaustive study of every paper ever published -- the foreign ones too. I even had to hire an interpreter. And, what did I find? It was simple: when researchers injected the substance in animals, it worked. When given by mouth, it didnít. So it had something to do with how it was administered. Well, no more details here -- read the interview of me by Dr. Al Thomas (click here to read the interview).

 What was the end result? I discovered another scientist who had developed a manufacturing method that allowed an oral administration of the product to work just as well as when it was injected. When I tested it along with Dr. Orien Tulp at the Drexel University Department of Nutrition and Food Science, the animals on X-Cell-R8 swam 318% longer than controls: 553 seconds for X-Cell-R8 compared with 174 seconds in controls. Now thatís performance. Performance that you can now experience and count on. I do!

Am I a Reliable Source? Hey, I "Walk my Talk, Literally!"

I walk 8 miles a day. A day! And, I lug a 40-pound weight vest while doing it. I lift weights and have 17-inch biceps, a 48-inch chest, and a 34-inch waist. And Iím 54-years-of-age for cryiní out loud. Check out my photos.

Iím not some fat slob MD trying to convince you that I know what Iím talking about while my fat belly hangs over my belt and the fat on my jaw covers my shirt collar.

Iím not trying to showboat here.

I just want you to know youíre not dealing with some pantywaist computer geek that stumbled onto a get-rich-quick-on-the-internet scheme by selling nutritional supplements. And Iím not just a con man with impressive credentials spewing out half-truths, who doesnít "walk the talk."

To be candid with you, the years have been good to me. Iím well-educated. I have a thriving nutrition consultation practice. And Iím in the midst of publishing several books on such topics as the solution to weight controlÖ books that Iíve been writing in my head for the past 40-some years.

X-Cell-R8 powers these grueling workouts.

I Am Fed Up With the "Business As Usual" Rip-Off

So Iím coming out of the lab and Iím going to market X-Cell-R8 by myself. And Iím not going to throw a ton of my hard-earned money into a national advertising campaign, driving-up the price so my new clients can foot the promotion bill.

Because of the World Wide Web I can bypass the traditional product distribution channels and market this product for far less.

Direct to You. No middlemen.

That way, I am able to keep the price down for you. And cost is an issue because with my new manufacturing technique, it ainít cheap to make this incredible product.

If I wouldíve "sold out" to one of the numerous blood-sucking nutritional supplement distributors years ago (like Mr. Slick), they would have drained the quality ingredients and marked-up the price of the product to the moon. Probably upwards of $69.00 a bottle. And theyíd probably ruin the reputation of my invention in the process.

The hell with them! Letís you and I both benefit from this incredible invention, now more than 40 years in development.

I prefer to deal direct with you, the client. No middlemen means no pie to divvy up and no outrageous pricing. This way, you can afford the product for years, not just for a couple of weeks.

NowÖ Hereís the BestPart.


Through this "inaugural" e-mail offer, youíll get my best product package to date. Iím curious to see if this e-mail thing works as well as my computer guru says it does. So, Iíll over-deliver in order to increase the odds of starting a relationship with you. Thatís right, I see this as the beginning of a relationship, not some "wham-bam-thank-you-maíam" charade where I "skip town" next month.

Iím offering you a NO RISK, absolute MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on this product. Thatís rightÖ or your money back. Iím so convinced about the power of this product that Iím willing to back it up all the way.

NowÖ Iím not going to lie to you. This product doesnít work for everyone. Over the years, with all my nutrition clients, I observed that it works better in some individuals than in others. I donít know why. But it does work up to 90% of the time. So, get a bottle and try it out.

Some people need a higher dose to get the effects. If you donít get an increase in energy, then follow the Loading Phase Instructions enclosed with each bottle. If you need a higher dose to experience the power of this product, then youíll need more of it. So, if youíre running low on capsules and still havenít felt the energy kick, then e-mail me, and Iíll send you a second bottle absolutely FREE. If, after using both bottles, you donít get an increase in energy, e-mail me again (gregellis@xcellr8.com) telling me it didnít work and I will REFUND your full purchase price! Every penny!

This is a NO RISK offer. You canít lose. If you are one of the 9 out of 10 people whose energy increases, then you benefit. WHAT A DEAL!

But the NO RISK OFFER is not enoughÖ at least not for me. My reputation is on the line and I donít mess with that!

I want for you to be so certain about getting your hands on X-Cell-R8, that I will include 2 bonus tokens of appreciation with your purchase. These are yours to keep, even in the unlikely event you decide you want your money back.

Whatís the catch of getting these bonuses? I just need to hear back from you within the next 3 days. And thatís hardly a catch!

So hereís what youíll get along with your first batch of X-Cell-R8Ö

Bonus #1

"The Secret to Weight Control" Bulletin

 This is the "keystone" chapter to my new books on weight control. This series of books is the most exhaustive analysis ever undertaken in the weight loss/weight control "game." These volumes will be ready for release in early 2002. And they represent my efforts over the last 43 years to thoroughly understand this subject.

You see, at the young age of 12 I became obese after my parents divorced. And to solve that problem I began the long and arduous journey to understand everything I could about weight control. This trip, of course, is the reason why I learned so much about exercise and nutrition. So, this chapter is the key chapter in understanding the Laws of Nature that undergird weight control. And, at last, youíll learn the same secret that took me more than 40 years to learn because there is so much misinformation out there.

So many books make weight loss complicated. In reality, itís quite simple. Share this bulletin with a loved one who may be "battling the bulge" and they just might hug you for it!

Bonus #2

"The Vitamin & Mineral Hoax" Booklet

More than 70% of the U.S. population uses nutritional supplements. And almost every one of those users is totally confused about supplements.

Well, again, this is a subject that I completely understand. And, absolutely free, Iím giving you the first three chapters of this ground breaking book so you can get a glimpse of this subject that is so very important. Youíll never look at supplements the same way again.

These 2 bonuses -- with a combined value of well over $40.00 -- plus your full monthís supply of X-Cell-R8Ö all for just $29.95 (plus $4.95 for Priority Mail shipping).

And if you want an even better bang for your buck, get two jars of X-Cell-R8 and the above bonuses, for only $49.95. And Iíll pay the shipping!

The choice is yoursÖ $34.90 for one jar or $49.95 for two jars, plus the bonuses! But I really need for you to decide right away.


Gregory S. Ellis, PhD
Certified Nutrition Specialist

P.S. For the price of a cheap night out on the town, you can get one or two monthís worth of X-Cell-R8 and both bonuses. Every penny of yours is guaranteed. The bonuses are yours to keep. Thatís because I stand behind everything I create.

I need to hear from youwithin the next 3 days, so jump on this limited-time offer now before you get distracted. Itíll take a few moments, then Iíll take care of the rest! Click Here to Order and thank you for your confidence!

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